Cyber Hygiene is as important as your personal hygiene and washing your hands. You should follow hygiene rules to stay safe and keep your close ones safe.

This becomes especially important if we analyze how incidents actually happen: how criminals steal funds from our credit cards or bank accounts, distribute scams, plant malware or demand ransom after encrypting valuable data.

In most cases all of this starts by exploiting our habits and carelessness, which may be evident in weak passwords, poorly configured computers or just not knowing what is secure.

In the digital world there is also a strong knock-on effect.

Even if you have a mindset that there is nothing an attacker would get from you, malware, scams, phishing or other attacks often spread like a virus.

Don’t be a risk to the community around you. Luckily it is easy to educate yourself, form an alert attitude and keep yourself from getting into trouble.

We’re here to help you form this attitude and learn the basics.


Pandemic crisis has affected everyone. The number of people forced to work online, without proper prior training or basic security, is probably in hundreds of millions if not bigger.

Simultaneously, the cyber security community has witnessed a steep rise in COVID-19 related cyberattacks and preparations to trick people into giving their information to malicious actors.

This is why we decided to help out and create a free version of cyber hygiene course for everyone to use.

While this is focused on working-age persons who usually have an external organization (e.g employer) to rely on, it contains useful principles for students, schools, self-employed or others.

Feel free to share it with your friends and stay safe.

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